Veges ready to go into the Vege Boxes Veges ready to go into the Vege Boxes

Welcome to our Veggie page:


For Eston Primary School and Nippers supporters we have the following offer:


Register with us to get a customer number and whenever you order a box of veggies from us or buy loose veggies from our farm store and provide your customer number, a commission will be paid to your school.

Currently a box of veggies will cost R40 plus R10 deposit on the box, if you take it. R10 of this will go to the school.

The veggie box is pot luck and you will get what is currently available, but it should be good value.

This offer is fully transparent as we will maintain a list of sales that will be available here. Just your customer number, date, value of purchase and the school portion will be listed so that you can keep track of what you have earned the school.


To register we need your:


-School  (ie Eston Primary or Nippers)

-email address

-cell number

-Indicate if you want to join the Whatsapp group


You can fill in a list at the farm store, or email the above details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will email and sms your customer number to you. You will also be able to ask for it at the Farm Store if you forget it.

If you have registered with us, you can buy on account and we will send you an invoice at month end or else you can pay cash.

Feel free to incourage as many people as possible to become supporters, but initially the vegetable supply may be limited.

To order a box please put in an order by Monday night for collection Tuesday midday. Later we will take a second order during the week.

Put your order in by email or sms Joy at 082 80896111.

We will keep you up to date by a Whatapps group and on this web page.


With good support we expect to be able to increase the range and quality of vegetables available. Our aim is to eventually provide mostly pesticide free vegetables. This does mean that some of the vegetables we produce might have some blemishes and insects, but with less toxic residues. Please feel free to return any vegetables that you find unacceptable for replacement. This will help us work on improving our programs.

Biologicaly grown vegetables done properly should be insect and blemish free.

What we mean by biological, is that we are aiming to work with the soil biology to get healthy soils and to provide good plant nutrition so that the plant has high brix levels and correct Ph. Achieving high brix and balanced pH means the plant resists pests. Pests don't like healthy plants. Also the plant is much sweeter and tastier with a prolonged shelf life.

This is a goal that we will work on, but we do have some way to go.


Here is a relevant quote by the "Health Ranger"   (

"Personally, the only fruit I truly trust is fruit that's been "sampled" by critters. That's how I know it isn't laced with toxic chemicals."

For healthy food and food security we need to start adjusting our view points on what good fruit and vegetables should look like. Currently vaste quantities of produce which do not meet the high asthetic standards of the market are thrown away, particullary in the wealthier countries.  Perfect looking vegetables and fruits does not always mean that that these are the most nutricious and tasy produce. However properly biologically grown vegetables should still look good, with maybe a few blemishes and insect bites. Very tasty produce would generally indicate produce with exellent nutrition levels.



Record of Contributions to Eston School & Nippers:

(Please note we still need to issue June invoices which have been delayed due to the holidays. We will issue the June and July invoices together at month end.)

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